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Before Covid we were “normal” consumers, sure we knew where meat came from but we didn’t pay too much attention to it. 

After it was safe, we took a trip to see Grandma Pat on the way we passed semi truck loads full of deceased unused livestock waiting to be buried. Farmers had to kill off their whole herds to make way for new life coming in. It was such a tragedy.

That’s why we created, we wanted to help farmers and producers save product. Plus we wanted to show exactly who was raising and selling high quality food.

We've curated a list of local stories in the ag community for your enjoyment, read more below. 

Did you know? 

Salas Salsas, the mother daughter duo of  Patricia Burbine and Marcela Salas, were finally able to launch their food truck at the end of June. They have been selling their authentic line of fresh ingredient salsas in stores and at farmer’s markets for a few years now, but with the way recent trends have been going, they feel it is a good time to expand into food trucks. 

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