South Dakota Veg Fest, 2022

Author: Damon Brown | Photographer: Kristine Reiner

Who knew veggies could be so much fun? For Nancy and Jeff at The Good Earth Farm, it’s something they've known all along, and now they're ready to share all that goodness with the community. Veg Fest 2022 just outside of Lennox SD is a prime example of how to do just that.

Products by The Mallard Mercantile

Bobbi-Jo of Nom Nom Gardens

Dakota Rural Action

Featuring unique and original arts, crafts, and an entire garden full of culinary delights, Veg Fest is a chance for people to get out and connect with some of the best growers and makers in the area. It gives folks a chance to learn, and to have a blast doing it! Whether it’s taking selfies in the VW Mech Bus or with the various cows, pigs, chickens, and even donkeys roaming around the farm, you are guaranteed to get a picture worth a thousand words.

Showcasing vendors like Daily Clean Food and Drink, 123SheaButter, and The Mallard Mercantile, as well as organizations like Dakota Rural Action and Anonymous for the Voiceless, Veg really hammers home the importance of community and sustainable agriculture. At the same time, the Good Earth farm provides a fun and natural atmosphere for ag lovers of all kinds to enjoy.

It’s clear that Nancy and Jeff really care about what they're doing in the community, and Veg Fest 2022 is even more proof of that. Bringing people together for fun, food, and education is always a worthy goal. We can’t wait to see what Veg fest 2023 looks like!

Many came out to the farm for food and vendors.

Make and Take with VW Merch Bus 606.

Dakota Rural Action shares community events

Good Earth Farm Hosted Veg Fest 2022

Food Vendor Buenisimo

Daily Clean Food & Drink

A group pets some farm animals

Pins from DRA

Plants provided by VW Merch Bus 606

The Good Earth Farm

Vendor Product shots from Veg Fest 22

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Veg Fest 2022

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