Author: Damon Brown | Photographer: Kristine Reiner

Last July Cash Cow Co-op was given the amazing opportunity to compete against 20 other talented entrepreneurs and startups in an educational and action-packed contest to see who has what it takes to be the best in the game.

We faced off against million dollar ideas and the expert individuals behind them, and came home with a wealth of knowledge and information, not to mention the amazing connections we made along the way. This competition really put our business to the test, forcing us outside of our comfort zone. We were encouraged to get creative in order to complete our challenges, and there are more than a few interesting pitches and ideas. All said and done, this was an enormous opportunity for Cash Cow Co-op to grow as a business.

Filmed at the historic Oak Street Mansion in Kansas City’s elegant Arts district and catered by some of the best personal Chefs in the area, this 17-part DocuSeries showcases how anyone can be successful, no matter their starting point.

Produced by reality TV star Wes Bergman, The Blox consists of a week-long "game" where each day contestants are given new information, a little time to sort through it, and then pitted against each other in various trials and challenges using that new knowledge. It's a lot of information packed into a short amount of time, and some of the challenges are quite difficult. Throw in the conflict and drama that naturally arises from competition, and The Blox has all the trappings of good reality TV, without all the messy bits. After spending the day learning and refining their knowledge, the contestants are then judged each night by a panel of Superstar entrepreneurs led by Wes himself in what is called "The Blox Off''. The top 3 contestants for the day are announced, the cumulative scores for all the contestants are recorded, and then we do it all over again. At the end of the week all the scores from each night are added together, and a winner is chosen.

Regardless of who actually wins, all the contestants are given a chance to consult with the judges about their business, and many of them took that advice to heart. Almost all of the participants for season 1 have seen significant improvements or success in their business thanks to the wisdom imparted by The Blox judges. Some of the top individuals in their respective fields, the judges took on almost a mentorship role, which left a huge impact on the contestants. It's safe to say that such a collection of talented and successful people is rare, and should be appreciated.

There are laughs, and some anger, and more than a few tears, but at the end of it all, everybody went home a winner.

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