Food Tours: Salas Salsas

Author: Damon Brown | Photographer: Kristine Reiner

Did you know?

Salas Salsas, the mother daughter duo of Patricia Burbine and Marcela Salas, were finally able to launch their food truck at the end of June. They have been selling their authentic line of fresh ingredient salsas in stores and at farmer’s markets for a few years now, but with the way recent trends have been going, they feel it is a good time to expand into food trucks.

Starting in 2020 with a bread truck and nothing in it, over the next two years they slowly purchased the pieces they needed from their sales at farmers markets and other events. Saving little by little, both Marcela and her mother also worked at other jobs full time. In addition, Marcela has also been learning to be a pilot. Where they find the time for all of this is anyone's guess, but there is no question about their dedication to their dream.

Once they had a local body shop assemble everything, there was only one piece missing for Salas Salsas’ new food truck - the wrap. Going local again, they selected Octane Inc. to put the finishing touches on their dream. Now, that dream is a reality. Custom designed, their new wrap is like the perfect advertisement for Salas Salsas. Displaying bold, rich colors that convey both the flavor and passion behind all of their products, the wrap is readily visible from a distance. It is clear that a lot of love and care went into the design, Marcela fondly refers to it as “her baby”. After 2 years of hard work and dedication, they are finally ready to hit the streets and bring their delicious food to different events, venues, and special occasions.

And in the winter months, when it's cold and there aren’t as many events? They are going to honing in on their exquisite line of fresh tamales by expertly pairing them with expertly crafted fresh ingredient salsas. If you haven’t had an authentic fresh hot tamale before, you are missing out. There is something about them when paired with fresh salsa that just warms you to your core, no matter the temperature outside.

Want to try some of their products but can’t make it to their events? Don't worry, their line of fresh ingredient salsas is available at the Sioux Falls Food Co-op, Pomegranate Market, and Look’s Market. They also pop up at the Brandon Farmer’s Market on Saturdays, as well as the Lake Lorraine Farmers market on Thursdays. You can also order online at or check out their page on Facebook or Instagram.

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