Meet The Producer: Nom Nom Gardens

Author: Damon Brown | Photographer: Kristine Reiner

Just south of Sioux Falls, you can find Nom Nom Gardens, a farm that provides a safe space for everyone - and some good, healthy, food too. Nom Nom Gardens is run by Bobbi Jo and Ned Horsted, with a lot of help from their young son, Dean. Built with sustainability as well as affordability in mind, the family operation uses an aquaponic greenhouse to provide natural and affordable fresh produce year round. They also give farm tours and have a venue space for events. And did we mention the chickens?

Entering Nom Nom Gardens

Bobbi-Jo of Nom Nom Gardens

Located just outside of Sioux Falls

Nom Nom Gardens uses regenerative farming techniques to ensure sustainability. This means no irrigation, pesticides, or even invasive species. This feat is accomplished primarily through the use of their Aquaponic Greenhouse, which lets them have fresh produce even with snow on the ground. Built into the ground and temperature controlled, this agricultural marvel uses a reservoir with Bluegill trout inside to provide the needed nutrients. The nutrient-rich water from the fish is channeled to the growing plants, which float upon the water like tiny islands. This technique allows for an almost complete lack of soil, thus providing room for more plants. It also cuts down on the weeding, which is good because it can get pretty warm inside during the summer.

While Nom Nom Gardens has successfully established themselves as a local leader in sustainable agriculture, it hasn’t been easy. Only three years ago, their then nearly complete greenhouse was blown over in a massive storm. Undaunted, Nom Nom gardens successfully rebuilt it with the help of family and friends a year later. They plan to expand the farm, adding ducks and geese and other animals starting this summer. They will also be hosting a regular farmers market for other producers and makers to sell their products, even if they are selling the same produce as Nom Nom. For Bobbi Jo and Ned, it is all about creating a community culture of affordable sustainability. Their goal may not be to turn a profit from selling eggs, but that doesn’t matter, they never turn away someone in need.

Regular farm hours will be starting in May, and tours or events can be booked on request. For more information, or to get in contact with Nom Nom Gardens, just go to their website,, where you can also view their entire inventory. You can also get in touch by messaging their Facebook page, or texting or calling (605) 321-5603.

Lettuce from the greenhouse

Free Range Chickens

Plants in the greenhouse

Nom Nom Gardens

Did we mention chickens?

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